Equidynamic Chess

Rediscover chess. You will be amazed.

Equidynamic Chess© is a unique chess learning system for all ages and levels. It is the product of decades of experience in chess practice, combined with the use of cognitive units carefully picked and woven together from different areas of knowledge. These areas include classical music, arts, science, history, philosophy, martial arts, and enhanced geometric-spatial perception as a field of practical study.

The end result is a comprehensive system that aims at achieving maximum efficiency with minimum effort, emphasizing simplicity over excessive thinking and enjoyment over self-concern. Due to this approach, the system fosters our natural abilities to understand anything in depth by allowing us to tap into our hidden resources.

The ultimate goal of Equidynamic Chess is to enable students to apply everything they learn from it in any area of their everyday lives. They can use the tools provided by the system to become more efficient, decisive and aware. They can become happier, kinder, stronger and wiser human beings by simply learning to appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty of Chess.

Equidynamic Chess

Equidynamic Chess is a unique chess learning system for all ages and levels. Read more about Equidynamic Chess and its creator.

Discover the many benefits that playing chess brings to our intellectual, emotional, and even physical health.

How much do you pay? What you can. Learn more about Seenergy Network and the PWYC Model.

From chess-related (or not) philosophy to beautiful stories, quotes, or anecdotes, you will find all sorts of engrossing reads on our blog.

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