About Equidynamic Chess©


Equidynamic Chess© is a chess learning system created by Enrique Domínguez, an expert player and instructor. He learned to play chess when he was five years old, taught by his grandfather and his uncle. His passion for the game was kindled instantly. His first significant achievement was qualifying for Mexico’s National Children’s Championship, when he was nine years old. He got first place in his state/category. Some years later he started playing in the national circuit. He won 1st place in a Class B tournament, and became an assiduous blitz player in one of Mexico’s most famous and competitive chess houses, Café Gandhi.

He faced many strong players, and took lessons from National Master Arturo Anguiano. He also became close friends with FIDE Master Federico Schaffenburg, with whom he played in several national and international events. He was part of a team in Mexico’s National Team Championship which had an outstanding performance. Enrique Domínguez retired temporarily from tournament play in order to deepen his studying and understanding of the game. The end result of this work was the creation of a new system and methodology, which he called “Equidynamic Chess”.

Using his system, Enrique Domínguez has won several online tournaments during the last 5 years. He also has defeated titled players, including WIMs (Women International Masters), IMs (International Masters) and one GM (Grandmaster, the highest master title granted by the International Chess Federation). Due to its approach, Equidynamic Chess is an ideal tool for teaching the game to anyone interested in learning how to play –and, most of all, understand– it. The system is suited for everyone., regardless of age, gender, aspirations or level of expertise. Furthermore, it has proven to be especially adequate for beginners and children –who seem to love it as much as Enrique loves teaching them!

Enrique Domínguez has succesfully taught chess using and testing his method over the last few years.

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