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Rediscover chess. You will be amazed.

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in our online chess lessons. Equidynamic Chess© is a unique chess learning system for all ages and levels. It is the product of decades of experience in high-level chess practice, combined with the use of cognitive units carefully picked and woven together from different areas of knowledge.

Equiynamic Chess© is a part of the Seenergy Network, an organization of professionals from various fields who are interested in promoting new ways of interaction and exchange. We believe that mankind needs now, more than ever, to become aware of our roles as beings in relationships of interdependence, and put aside notions of unfettered egomania or greed that imperil our very survival as a species. We are in a true romance with knowledge, science, the arts, and all expressions of human intelligence that take into account a sense of respect, responsibility and impeccability with one another and with Earth as a whole.

Seenergy Network is also a framework where we explore and implement alternative forms of fair exchange and reciprocity.  In the case of Equidynamic Chess©, lessons are offerd using a PWYC (Pay What You Can) model. This means that Enrique Domínguez has a genuine interest in teaching people chess, regardless of their current financial situation. The model works by suggesting a minimum and a maximum rate per class, and then allowing students to decide how much they can pay without affecting their income in a negative way.

Suggested Minimum Rate (per lesson) Suggested Maximum Rate (per lesson) Suggested # of Lessons per week Payment Methods
$10 USD $30 USD 1 Paypal, Western Union, Bank deposit (local only)

We also have special discount plans for series of lessons, tailored to your individual goals and needs. Please get in touch with Enrique to find the best plan for you.

Our online lessons (~60-90 min) are conducted on Skype or Zoom, in English or Spanish, and the fee includes all related materials: class presentations, assignments, access to our Members’ Area with interactive games and studies, documents, follow-up exchanges, and much more.

We respond to your trust with our trust. Our word is our bond, and we also hold your word as your bond. If you honestly cannot afford the minimum suggested rate, Enrique will still teach you in exchange for whatever amount you can afford –provided there are spaces available in his schedule, and that you have a sincere interest in learning–*.

*We do reserve, however, the right to refuse lessons for any circumstance that we deem appropriate. This offer is not legally binding, nor does it represent any sort of obligation on behalf of Enrique Domínguez, Equidynamic Chess© or Seenergy Network towards any individual or group.

By the same token, it stands to reason that you can also pay more than the maximum suggested rate, if your income allows it. Each Equidynamic Chess lesson is prepared with utmost care and with your benefit in mind; all the materials presented are also a product of Enrique’s decades of experience both as a player and teacher.

It goes without saying that the quality standards of each lesson are the same for every single student and completely independent from the amount that each of them can afford to pay. All the members of Seenergy Network adhere to principles of integrity, impeccability and respect.

Feel free to get in touch, anytime, using the contact form at the bottom (even if you just want to say hello)! Enrique will reply as soon as possible.

See you at the chessboard!

Feel free to write anytime. We will reply soon.